Do Kids Really Need Adjustments?

Our son, Caleb, just turned 9 a few days ago.  As cliché as it sounds, I can’t believe how quickly those 9 years have gone!  He is a bright and caring boy, with quite a sense of humour.  And he LOVES to play sports!  At the moment, it is lacrosse season, and wow – is it ever a physical game!  Last night we were driving home after a particularly competitive game, when Caleb said to me – “Mom, I am sure glad that you and Dad are chiropractors.  I definitely need to get my spine checked after that game.  Actually, the whole team should!” (He gets it!  Proud moment for me.)

Did Caleb make this statement because he has back or neck pain?  Do kids only need to get a spinal check-up if they have symptoms?  The answer is – most definitely – no.  Caleb has been under chiropractic care his entire life and understands the importance of a healthy spine and nervous system.  He also understands that in a child’s life there are daily slips, trips, and falls that can cause the spine to shift out of proper alignment.

Caleb often recalls the time that he got adjusted after a hockey game because one leg was nearly an inch shorter than the other! (This was due to a misaligned pelvis.)  What do you think the outcome would be if we had never checked him or adjusted the misalignment in his pelvis?  How would that impact the health of his spine five years down the road?  Even small misalignments can cause far more pronounced problems in children as their spine grows and develops.  And think about those delicate nerves that are carrying vital message to every muscle, organ and gland in that growing body. How important is it to ensure there are no spinal misalignments creating pressure on those nerves?

So do we only need to worry about the kids who are playing contact sports?  How else can misalignments happen?  See the pressure on a baby’s head and neck during the birthing process.  Watch a toddler learning to walk.  Think of your child at her very first skating lesson.  Stand at the school playground and observe the little boy who falls from the monkey bars or the girl who trips on the soccer field.  Pay attention to the posture of your child or teen at their school desk or on their iphone… Isn’t it time they had a spinal check-up?  Caleb sure thinks it is.

Dr. Marissa Bentham & the Backfit Team

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