Why Backfit Chiropractic?

“We want to help you reach your health potential and live pain free.”

Have you ever been told that your pain will go away with time?
How about being told that chronic pain is a normal sign of aging?
Are you left asking the question “Why does it return?” or “I’m too young to feel like this?” 

Pain is not normal!
It is a sign that your body is out of balance.
It is time to get your balance restored!

We have helped hundreds of people of all ages get out of pain and back to the lifestyle they love.

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The answer to the question “why does my pain keep coming back?” lies at the heart of the entire Backfit philosophy.  Unless treatment addresses the underlying nerve-muscle-bone-disc dysfunction, pain relief may only be temporary. Here is a list of disorders we have experience in treating.

Pain does not have to control your life.  Refuse to accept the view that age, injury, or disease routinely triumphs over the human body’s innate ability to be healthy and pain free.

If you’re interested in learning about #1 cause of back pain check out our video blog.

“Why Chiropractic?”

Chiropractic is all about treating the cause not the symptom. Unfortunately, a large part of today’s healthcare system has it all backwards. They treat the symptom and ignore the underlying cause. The best way to treat symptoms, especially pain, in a sustainable and long term way is to figure out why you have pain to begin with. We interviewed Dr. Steven Faulkner and asked why he in particular believes in chiropractic:

“Are you back fit?”

What does it mean to be Back fit? Being Back fit is an individual experience. It could simply mean having the ability to spend time with your loved ones without the distraction of pain and discomfort.  Or perhaps it’s golfing with friends, gardening or working out at the gym again… or something as simple as lifting your child, or grandchild, without the burden of pain.