Todd’s Story

I am gladly willing share my experience with anyone who wants to read this, or anyone who is, looking for an alternative to back surgery.

I am still amazed at this experience, and I am also saddened that more people do not know about this company!

Let me start by telling you that Dr. Jeff Bartlett is a very talented chiropractor, but also a very kind, caring and gentle man.

Without Dr. Bartlett I would have been looking at back surgery and God only knows if it would have even worked.

I am a 45 year old man and at the beginning of the year I noticed a severe, disabling pain in my lower back and running down my leg. I started visiting a Chiropractor that I had been seeing on and off for several years but the pain was actually getting worse and didn’t seem to want to go away. With this being said a very much trusted friend of mine, Mr. Rick Johnson referred me to his chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Bartlett.

Before doing anything Dr. Bartlett took x-rays right at the BackFit clinic and a week later had me come back into his office to have me see for myself exactly what my issue was.

Dr. Bartlett walked me through the x-rays and taught me exactly how may back works so that I would able see exactly what I was looking at when examining my x-rays.

From there Dr. Bartlett set me up with a series of spinal alignment and disc therapy to mechanically re-hydrate the discs in my back which reduced symptoms associated with disc compression. Through this combination of disc therapy, chiropractic alignments and physio inspired home exercises, here I am 4 months latter doing things I did not think that I would ever be able to do again.

Seriously 4 months ago when I first came into the BackFit Clinic, I was in such serious pain I could barely walk or even get out of bed.

Now I am able to work in the garden and climb to the top of Mt. Work with no pain.

I feel like I have gotten my whole life back!! (Thank You Again!)

Dr. Jeff Bartlett is an amazing man! God has blessed him so richly, and he has the ability to drastically improve your life.

Thank you Dr. Bartlett! You’re amazing!