Shirley’s Story

I’ve always been a fit, athletic person all my life. One day, I was moving a beach log and instantly my lower back went out. 8 years of dealing with lower back pain, I’ve done it all – physiotherapy, chiropractors, acupuncture, deep tissue massage and taken a lot of back medication. All of this either temporarily relieved or masked the pain.

Finally, my family doctor told me, surgery was my only option. I was scared, worried and depressed that if I were to have the surgery, my life and back, would never be the same. I chatted with friends, family and co-workers about my situation and they couldn’t believe it – “you’re so young”, “you’re a fit, active young girl.”

I obtained second opinions from other chiropractors, doctors and surgeons about the pros and cons towards the surgery. After these discussions, my mind was set – surgery it was. After advising my friends, family and co-workers of my decision, a friend mentioned that her husband had gone to BackFit. I chatted with him, and he was very happy with his results that I decided, “Why not, I’ve got nothing to lose.”

After attending BackFit for the last 6 months, my life has done a 180. I’m able to go for long walks, do light weights and cardio, sleep better at night and most of all have my social life back! I’m educated on how these exercises work, what they do for my spine and what it will bring for my long-term health. This is the best, safest way for anyone with any kind of back pain and I would recommend BackFit to anyone in a heartbeat!”

Shirley Kwan