Mark’s Story

Golf has been a big part of my life since I was 10. After many years of worsening on-again-off-again lower back pain in 2008 I finally had to give up the game. I couldn’t swing a club without excruciating pain and my day to day activities were being seriously affected as well. Many chiropractors had tried to help and the last one, who was highly recommended, told me to find a new hobby – he couldn’t do anything else for me and surgery would be a waste of time and money.

Then BACKFIT was recommended to me.

Four months later, after a comprehensive program of prescribed exercises, decompression therapy and adjustments I could swing a club again. Six months after that my back was better than it had been in 20 years and I was able to go on what used to be an annual golf trip (10 rounds in 6 days) with no pain at all.

Thank you to the doctors and staff at BACKFIT for giving me back my mobility and getting rid of the pain – I feel my age again and my quality of life isn’t compromised any more. Your system works!!!

Mark Williams

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