Marianne’s Story

I thank my lucky stars that I found you and Backfit after suffering for many years with a lot of back pain, trying everything from physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic and painkillers- the last three years adding to that, burning pain in the wrist of my hand.

Medical doctors could not help, with all the conventional treatments. Diagnosis, arthritis, wear and tear, they called it a mystical hand and left me with pills (gabapentin), taking up to 9 a day. I must have had a guardian angel taking care of me, finding you and your very caring people.

A visit to your centre, diagnosis of the problem, explanation so that i could understand and suggestion of treatments was next. That was on August 4. Now, shortly before Christmas, I’m able to report that my pain almost disappeared, and I don’t need to take medication anymore. My back has greatly improved, I’m able to do things I could not do for years and I feel so much better.

You and your centre have the professional approach to help with the problem. So many people, young and not so young anymore, like me, suffer.

I’m a success story, still ongoing, you should know, and very thankful. To everybody in the centre, I wish all the best, and hope that many poor backs will find you and get help. I highly recommend Backfit!

Marianne Leber

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