Linden’s Story

I am writing to express my appreciation to you and your team of technical and administrative staff for the services you and they have provided.

As you know, in early September 2010, I developed a severe pain in my neck and a number of problems in my left arm, including weakness, pain and some loss of control. I started your recommended program of treatment in mid-September and about three months later, my neck and left arm were virtually pain-free and I have regained the normal use of my left arm. This is an enormous relief.

I also want to recognize the training and exercise programs that you and your technical staff have explained to me as methods by which patients can assume some responsibility for their ongoing spinal health.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge a special gesture that you offered early in my treatment program. After one treatment on a Friday, I developed a severe neck and left arm pain which I reported to you later that day by email. The following morning, a Saturday, when your office was closed, you called me at home and offered to treat me in your office at no charge. I accepted your offer, and my pain decreased after that treatment. I have cited this incident because it highlights the care, compassion and customer orientation that you showed to me that day which you and your staff have demonstrated throughout my treatment program, and I am grateful.

Linden Holmen

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