Judy’s Story

I’ve never been a fan of fitness centres. All that equipment is terrifying, and I never know how to use it. So my first impression of Backfit was one of trepidation; all that equipment as you come in the front door.

But that feeling is dispelled immediately by the smiling faces at the reception desk, just past all the lurking weights and cables. Those friendly faces do more than welcome, they offer assurances that there are people just like you working there who are going to understand your needs.

Backfit was recommended to me by my doctor, as I’d suffered debilitating pain in my lower back, right hip and leg for nearly two years. It was affecting my life to the point where I had to plan trips downstairs in my own house, never mind any thought of going out in the world beyond. At the age of 61, I wasn’t going to allow my body to limit my life any longer. So, fears aside, I made my first visit to Backfit.

Despite my trepidation, and the fact I didn’t trust that treatments would give me a lasting solution to my pain, it has worked. For the first time in many years, I am pain free. Not only is my back better — stairs no longer intimidate me — they were also able to give me lasting relief to the neck and shoulder pain I have endured for more years that I like to count.

It’s not magic. The decompression treatments and alignment therapy can only do so much; the relief from those is temporary. It’s those dreaded exercise machines that made the lasting difference; that and the exercises you learn to do at home. And for me, that was the real selling point: if you want to get better, it’s up to you. You are in charge. If you are conscientious about taking the treatments — and if you do the exercises regularly — you will improve. The pain will go away.

They’ve made a believer out of me.”

Judy Reimche

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