Jeremy’s Story

Why Backfit is extraordinary:

  1. Backfit is a true healthcare partner, staying with me through the full duration of my diagnosis, treatment and healing.
  2. Backfit practices a transparent, well-communicated and evidence-based approach to diagnosis and treatment.
  3. Underlying my care is regular imaging and measured changes to diagnostic indicators.
  4. Backfit champions a multi-modal approach to treatment that attacks the problem from all relevant aspects: pain and inflammation management; correction of underlying structural abnormalities; stabilization and reinforcement of healthy posture and alignment with core strengthening.
  5. Backfit practices adaptive management, with ongoing reassessments and fine tuning of my therapeutic program.
  6. Backfit operates an efficient and highly professional practice. Most importantly, Backfit is effective. I’ve experienced complete remission of most symptoms, a return to a high functioning, physically active lifestyle and almost no residual discomfort or pain. Backfit and I have accomplished these outcomes together, for make no mistake: I have had to do my part.The home exercises and regular appointment can be a little tedious at times, but the results are worth it, as those fortunate enough to recover from chronic pain and debilitation can attest to.

For me, the face of Backfit is a team of pleasant and professional staff who have my best health at heart. Leading the team is my doctor, Jeff Bartlett, for whom I have enormous respect and to whom I will be always very, very grateful.

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