Debbie’s Story

I just wanted to give you a short update now that I have been attending BackFit for just over a month. I have seen definite improvements, such as I haven’t had a headache in 3 weeks now and I haven’t had to take any medications for three weeks. That has been wonderful!!

I am experiencing less pain in my back and neck overall, but still struggle with certain tasks and movements. But it’s early and I have to remember that I’ve only been going for a month. I’m feeling confident that the pain will continue to decrease as the treatments continue over the next few months.

But most important, my energy levels have improved significantly and my “mental health” status has changed from almost a depressive state to feeling VERY positive and I have even started to picture a future now where pain will not be on my mind every day. I even managed to kayak with my husband last weekend which was an incredible and amazing achievement for me . . . something I would not have been able to do just a month ago.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how things are going. I will make an appointment to see you after my 3 months at Backfit… that’s when I get more re-x-rays to see what improvements have occurred and what steps to continue with. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the referral to BackFit!!!

– Debbie Pearson

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