Dave’s Story

To date I have: fractured my coccyx (in three places), broken 4 ribs, a finger, a toe, my left tibia and fibula, my nose three times, ruptured two lumbar discs, and had seven surgeries. Yes, it would appear that I am a little accident prone.

I have suffered from back pain, sciatica down both legs, cluster headaches, bulging discs, T.M.J., numbness in my legs, carpal tunnel syndrome, gout and a host of internal ailments caused either by my back or medications for more than 20 years. At one I seriously considered ending my life.

I have tried every prescribed pain medication from Aspirin to Zytram, four different chiropractors, acupuncture, podiatry, massage therapy, sports medicine, neurology, physiotherapy, and back surgery.

After all that I was told to prepare for a wheel chair and a life on morphine.

Then, I was at Backfit for a workshop on Goal Setting. As I looked around at the patients with the funny hats, sitting on dangerous-looking chairs that wobble, the workshop facilitator explained the miraculous work being done here and what they had done for her. I thought this was just another waste of my time and money.

By February 8th 2008 I was PAIN FREE for the first time in twenty years. So I became a regular at Backfit and in a matter of two weeks I went from limping around with no hope to jogging on a treadmill.

After years of failed therapies, band-aid treatments, and thousands of dollars on drugs, the Backfit doctors were the first to seek and treat the cause of my suffering.

Seven years have passed. I now work for the very doctors who healed me when no one else could. As with all healing there have been speed bumps and setbacks along the way but every morning that I wake up pain free or with minor aches and pains I am glad I found Backfit.

Dave Prescott,
Senior Decompression Technician