Carol’s Story

I came to Back Fit because a representative came to the Victoria Accordion Club and gave a talk and answered questions. I had tried everything to alleviate my back pain for many years as I had an accident when I was a teenager. I was on several prescription pain killers – some during the day, ones to help me sleep, ones in between to break through pain.
I couldn’t walk without pain, and only short distances.
I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep and it pained to even turn over in bed.
I couldn’t get up in the morning without excruciating pain.
I couldn’t put on socks or pantyhose without taking a very long time and being in pain, and often had to get assistance.
I couldn’t do many activities which I once enjoyed.
With occasional adjustments, with decompression, learning how to handle pain, learning about what was healthy to eat….and most importantly, keeping a positive attitude, all this has changed for me.
Throw away all those costly prescription bottles, and only have to use perhaps an occasional Tylenol
I CAN get a good night’s sleep
I CAN get up in the morning without pain
I CAN put on socks, nylons and don’t need any assistance in dressing
I CAN take long walks, and go shopping
I CAN garden, dance and do things I’ve not been able to do for years.

Yes, the doctors, therapists, physio can give you their expert advise and expertise, but I learned that the rest is up to the individual. One has to take this advice and work hard at home. There’s no magic potion – a lot of recovering is up to the individual to do the exercises, change the diet and be prepared that there will be days that are not so great, but learn how to work through it, not curl up in a ball.
Dr. Bentham, and other staff, thank you!
I highly recommend Back Fit.