Brad’s Story

Ninety days ago I walked into Backfit depressed and in pain.  I have been an athlete my entire life and have always been motivated to eat well, stay fit and be strong.  However, years of lingering back issues due to a variety of circumstances had driven me to a point where my motivation was waning, my activity level had decreased and my good diet was consistently supplemented by junk food.

I had seen a variety of health practitioners including chiropractors over the years but nothing ever provided real long term results.  The final straw had broken during a wakeboarding trip near the end of the summer which “tweaked” my lower back in a way that I had never felt before, leaving me near the point of hopelessness.  This condition was significantly impacting my ability to be a good parent, employee and athlete.

Today, I had a 90 day re-examination with the Dr.  and the results were amazing.  In that 90 day period I have dedicated myself to the Backfit program through diet, prescribed exercise and consistent Backfit treatments.

After an analysis of my before and after x-rays, it confirmed what I suspected.  I have dramatically regained the natural curvatures in my spine, have clinically corrected a condition of scoliosis, and have seen significant improvement in the original lower spine compression injury that brought me to Backfit in the first place.  Furthermore, I am almost pain free, have lost 20 pounds of fat, am more focussed at work, have more energy and stamina on a soccer field than I can ever remember, and most importantly, have much more patience and carefree time for my two young children.

Other than his substantive technical expertise, the Doctor’s biggest strength (and that of his team), is his ability to make every person that walks through the door of Backfit feel special, unique, and most importantly, fixable.  I witness this as I observe him go about his practice.  He has time for everyone, is genuine, honest and caring, and goes above and beyond what is required to ensure patients are looked after.  Furthermore, his commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of his practice is not just a slogan, it is a reality.

I am 39 years old.  One year ago I made a personal pledge to “wellness at 40”.  With the help of the Dr, and everyone at Backfit, I now believe this is possible.

Thank you Backfit!


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