Testimonials from Patients

  • Todd’s Story

    Todd’s Story

    I am gladly willing share my experience with anyone who wants to read this, or anyone who is, looking for an alternative to back surgery.

    I am still amazed at this experience, and I am also saddened that more people do not know about this company!

    Let me start by telling you that Dr. Jeff Bartlett is a very talented chiropractor, but also a very kind, caring and gentle man.

    Without Dr. Bartlett I would have been looking at back surgery and God only knows if it would have even worked.

    I am a 45 year old man and at the beginning of the year I noticed a severe, disabling pain in my lower back and running down my leg. I started visiting a Chiropractor that I had been seeing on and off for several years but the pain was actually getting worse and didn’t seem to want to go away. With this being said a very much trusted friend of mine, Mr. Rick Johnson referred me to his chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Bartlett.

    Before doing anything Dr. Bartlett took x-rays right at the BackFit clinic and a week later had me come back into his office to have me see for myself exactly what my issue was.

    Dr. Bartlett walked me through the x-rays and taught me exactly how may back works so that I would able see exactly what I was looking at when examining my x-rays.

    From there Dr. Bartlett set me up with a series of spinal alignment and disc therapy to mechanically re-hydrate the discs in my back which reduced symptoms associated with disc compression. Through this combination of disc therapy, chiropractic alignments and physio inspired home exercises, here I am 4 months latter doing things I did not think that I would ever be able to do again.

    Seriously 4 months ago when I first came into the BackFit Clinic, I was in such serious pain I could barely walk or even get out of bed.

    Now I am able to work in the garden and climb to the top of Mt. Work with no pain.

    I feel like I have gotten my whole life back!! (Thank You Again!)

    Dr. Jeff Bartlett is an amazing man! God has blessed him so richly, and he has the ability to drastically improve your life.

    Thank you Dr. Bartlett! You’re amazing!

  • Karmen’s story

    I have wrestled with almost-daily headaches and migraines for the past 15 years. In college, I would pop Advil like it was candy, but I didn’t know there was another solution.
    One morning, when I woke with a migraine so bad that I couldn’t stop vomiting, a friend suggested that I see a chiropractor. 45 minutes later, the pain had decreased and the nausea was gone, but the within the week, the pain started coming back.
    For years, I saw chiropractors whenever I was in pain, and it helped the symptoms, but the pain would return a couple of days later. In the past 15 years, I have seen 8 other chiropractors. They helped the pain, but it kept coming back.

    6 months ago, I started working at Backfit, and became a patient as a result. I expected to receive the same types of treatment that I had received in the past. I was surprised when the Backfit doctors took an x-ray that revealed that my neck had no curve – meaning that there was a huge amount of pressure on my spine, which caused the migraines. The doctors focused on treating the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. Their goal was to restore the proper curve to my neck so that I wouldn’t get headaches – not just treat them when they arose.

    Through decompression, spinal molding, and regular alignments, I feel better than I have in 15 years. I no longer carry painkillers, and I often go weeks without a headache.

    I feel like the Backfit doctors really care about improving my overall health. Now, I can race triathlon – pain-free! Thanks Backfit!

  • Kari’s Story

    Kari’s Story

    Before Backfit: Suffered from severe sciatica that prevented me from my regular activities. My right side was entirely numb. 

    After Backfit: After the first decompression I able to walk with little to no pain. Feeling returned to my right side completely. I have appreciation for Dr. Doyle and staff for seeing me through my recovery.

  • Dave’s Story

    Dave’s Story

    To date I have: fractured my coccyx (in three places), broken 4 ribs, a finger, a toe, my left tibia and fibula, my nose three times, ruptured two lumbar discs, and had seven surgeries. Yes, it would appear that I am a little accident prone.

    I have suffered from back pain, sciatica down both legs, cluster headaches, bulging discs, T.M.J., numbness in my legs, carpal tunnel syndrome, gout and a host of internal ailments caused either by my back or medications for more than 20 years. At one I seriously considered ending my life.

    I have tried every prescribed pain medication from Aspirin to Zytram, four different chiropractors, acupuncture, podiatry, massage therapy, sports medicine, neurology, physiotherapy, and back surgery.

    After all that I was told to prepare for a wheel chair and a life on morphine.

    Then, I was at Backfit for a workshop on Goal Setting. As I looked around at the patients with the funny hats, sitting on dangerous-looking chairs that wobble, the workshop facilitator explained the miraculous work being done here and what they had done for her. I thought this was just another waste of my time and money.

    By February 8th 2008 I was PAIN FREE for the first time in twenty years. So I became a regular at Backfit and in a matter of two weeks I went from limping around with no hope to jogging on a treadmill.

    After years of failed therapies, band-aid treatments, and thousands of dollars on drugs, the Backfit doctors were the first to seek and treat the cause of my suffering.

    Seven years have passed. I now work for the very doctors who healed me when no one else could. As with all healing there have been speed bumps and setbacks along the way but every morning that I wake up pain free or with minor aches and pains I am glad I found Backfit.

    Dave Prescott,
    Senior Decompression Technician

  • Eric’s story

    Eric’s story

    Before Backfit: Horrible back and neck pain

    After Backfit: My back has not felt this good in 20 years and my neck is improving.

  • Charlie’s Story

    Charlie’s Story

  • Margaret’s Story

    Margaret’s Story

    In May, Margaret come to Backfit in too much pain to golf.

    On September 9, Margaret was back on the course! 

  • Gennie’s Story

    Gennie’s Story

    I am so grateful to all of you for the outstanding care I have received and the knowledge I have gained since coming to Backfit.

    I first entered your doors riddled with pain in my lower back, to the point that putting on my shoes some mornings was a struggle.

    I was concerned that if my back proceeded to decline, I would not be able to continue doing the activities I love to do, namely play hockey.

    I am so thrilled that after only a few months of treatment I am virtually pain free and can play hockey 2 to 3 times a week with no issues at all.

    I am confident now that with continued treatment, I will be able to play well into my 50’s and hopefully beyond.  My experience at Backfit has been truly life changing!

  • Paula’s Story

    Paula’s Story

    Today you seem to put the final piece in the puzzle and I have not felt so good in years.

    Much time and lots of funds were used trying to get my ankle fixed. Physiotherapists told me that it was jammed but did not seem to be able to make the necessary adjustment.

    It took three treatments from you and it seems like a miracle to walk so comfortably again.

    Who knew that you fixed ankles? I thought chiropractic was all about spines.

    I am delighted to be out walking again. Also the pain under my ribs has gone.

    Take care

  • Andrew’s Story

    Andrew’s Story

    Thanks BackFit for the support of you and your team. It helped get me through to the finish line!

    One of the things that I’ve been most impressed with the Backfit team is the genuine care that you all have for your patients.

    Now let’s get everything back in line, then we can set the next goal!

  • Clara’s Story

    Imagine being healthy and happy at 100 years old!

  • Doreen’s Story

    Do you have back pain? Have you been told that there’s nothing you can do?

    Listen to this story of how Doreen got her life back – without drugs.

  • Carol’s Story

    I came to Back Fit because a representative came to the Victoria Accordion Club and gave a talk and answered questions. I had tried everything to alleviate my back pain for many years as I had an accident when I was a teenager. I was on several prescription pain killers – some during the day, ones to help me sleep, ones in between to break through pain.
    I couldn’t walk without pain, and only short distances.
    I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep and it pained to even turn over in bed.
    I couldn’t get up in the morning without excruciating pain.
    I couldn’t put on socks or pantyhose without taking a very long time and being in pain, and often had to get assistance.
    I couldn’t do many activities which I once enjoyed.
    With occasional adjustments, with decompression, learning how to handle pain, learning about what was healthy to eat….and most importantly, keeping a positive attitude, all this has changed for me.
    NOW I CAN…
    Throw away all those costly prescription bottles, and only have to use perhaps an occasional Tylenol
    I CAN get a good night’s sleep
    I CAN get up in the morning without pain
    I CAN put on socks, nylons and don’t need any assistance in dressing
    I CAN take long walks, and go shopping
    I CAN garden, dance and do things I’ve not been able to do for years.

    Yes, the doctors, therapists, physio can give you their expert advise and expertise, but I learned that the rest is up to the individual. One has to take this advice and work hard at home. There’s no magic potion – a lot of recovering is up to the individual to do the exercises, change the diet and be prepared that there will be days that are not so great, but learn how to work through it, not curl up in a ball.
    Dr. Bentham, and other staff, thank you!
    I highly recommend Back Fit.

2 thoughts on “Testimonials from Patients”

  1. I was referred to by a co-worker who showed me his backfit score and gave me Dr. Bentham’s card and said “try it, and see what happens”. At first I thought no, I don’t need this my backfit score would be fine. After being in the military for more than 26 years, the body takes a beating and I noticed that I could only play with my grandchildren for a couple of minute then my back would give out and I was in a lot of pain. So I figured why not lets go see what happens. Well, right from the moment I walked thru the front door I felt comfortable and the staff was friendly and very helpful in getting me setup and showing me around. I met with Dr. Bentham and his assistant Jenna who walked me through some testing and x-rays. Once this was complete we sat down and went through my back fit score along with everything else…Eye opener, as I didn’t see those results coming and was in shock as to how low my score was. We started to discuss options and how to proceed and where to go from there. The biggest thing I noticed was it was never “you need to do this, you need to do that.” it was “what do YOU want from this” and “how can we help you get to those goals”. I told them that my biggest goal was to be able to play with my grandkids for more than a couple of minutes. From that a schedule and program was set up to work around my schedule and availability. Since the first time I walked till now I have had two re-assessments done and both have jumped up considerably. Does backfit work? well to answer that all I have to do is look at my grandchildren’s smiles when we are playing.
    To Dr. Bentham and Staff (Jenna and Candace) thank you for helping me get back to where I need to be.

  2. Last December 14,, I was entering a canoe in the Gorge. I had my left leg in the boat when my right foot, still on the dock, slipped. leaving me upside down with my left foot in the boat and my right foot on the dock like an upside down spread eagle with my butt in the water. I was there in that difficult position, with heavy clothes on, for at more than half a minute. Happily, there were others on the dock who pulled me out and I was able to do the paddle, albeit a little wet. How did I hold myself like that for so long, when the only option was to fall into the water, since I couldn’t extricate myself without assistance.

    Backfit to the rescue! Doing the Homecare core strengthening exercises was what saved me from an unscheduled dip in the frigid waters and aborting the paddle. Actually. I could have remained in that awkward position for quite a bit longer, impossible before doing the core routine. for some time. So, do your exercises and eat your spinach!


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