Testimonials From Physicians

Dr. Nancy Wardle M.D. Victoria, BC.

I am very impressed with Backfit. I have had chronic low back and neck problems for many years that are now finally being addressed by the team at Backfit. In three months, my sciatic pain levels are so much lower, my flexibility is better and I can sit without discomfort. The clinic is so patient centered; one feels cared for in a professional, efficient, thoughtful and compassionate manner. The Doctors at Backfit have excellent listening and treatment skills, I feel in very good hands.

Dr. James Houston M.D. Victoria, BC.

I have been very pleased with the results and feedback from my patients who have been treated at Backfit. The Doctors and Staff are very professional and caring and spend the time that is essential to help patients understand how their back problem arose, how it is corrected and how to maintain a healthy back for the future. It is this combination of professional treatments, education, core and fitness training, and patients empowered to take their own responsibility in recovery and healing, that is helping my patients with chronic back issues where other treatment programs have failed.

Dr. Dianne Ripley M.D. Victoria, BC.

Backfit is an outstanding facility and a welcome addition to the medical community. The doctors are caring and compassionate, but persistent in encouraging patients to take charge of their spinal health through posture correction and core muscle strength.

Dr. Andrew Kiellerman M.D. Victoria, BC.

Chronic back pain was something I had learned to live with, having degenerative lumbar and cervical disc disease and herniation of lumbar discs L5-S1 and L4-5. But an acute exacerbation with subsequent severe pain that incapacitated me was difficult to tolerate. But thanks to the doctors at Backfit, their program along with their professional group of technicians and administrative staff, I am now pain-free and feel optimistic that I will remain so if I follow his program. I highly recommend Backfit to all my patients and anyone else who would like to get rid of their back and neck pain.

Dr. Larry Mah M.D. Victoria, B.C.

Having myself been a patient at Backfit, I can personally attest to the high quality of care provided. The facilities, support staff and, of course, the Backfit doctors are uniformly thorough, dedicated, and committed to providing excellent care. Their holistic approach to spinal mechanics, posture, and muscular strengthening produces excellent, sustainable, and long lasting results.

Dr. Shannon Doyle D.D.S Victoria, BC.

I would like to thank you for many years of treatment which has allowed completion of my 37th year of Dental practice pain free. I would like to acknowledge your comprehensive treatment approach including hands on, core strengthening, weight loading and decompression. I also appreciate the results achieved by the many patients I have referred to your office for treatment. I have found that patients with TMJ (jaw pain) invariably do not heal well if there isn’t coincidental cervical treatment and I have full confidence in your treatment for this purpose.

Dr. Patrick Stel M.D. Victoria, BC.

Backfit has provided lasting relief from pain and a return to activity for almost every patient that I have sent to them – many of whom I had nothing left to offer, other than pain medications. This has also been true in my wife’s case. She had recurring disabling pain for years, from a herniated lumbar disc – with backfit’s comprehensive treatment approach the pain went away and has stayed away for 3 years now.

Dr. Kevin Oomah, Victoria, BC.

There was a time when I thought that my competitive dream would remain just that—a dream, after my disc injury in 2009. After 20 years of training, countless physiotherapists, medical doctors and chiropractors demanded that I stop training—my glory days were over. You are the only doctor that believed in me, healed me so I could regain my strength, and ultimately compete in a natural world class event. From a moment where I thought I would no longer be able to walk to now…you’ve brought me far! Thank you.