Spinal Nutrition

Is my nutrition really important to the health of my spine?

The spine is not something that usually comes to mind when one thinks about nutrition – but it should. Good nutrition helps control pain and facilitates healing when you are suffering from any of the myriad of spinal conditions.

The key problem with the mainstream Western diet is that it is full of highly acidic food. Acidic foods cause inflammation in the body and leach calcium from your bones. Take a look at this chart of common foods and their associated acidity.


How do acidic foods affect my body?

Acidic foods cause inflammation by disrupting the internal balance or homeostasis of your body. When you consume food, your body metabolises or breaks that food down in to its component parts. Many foods are broken down into highly acidic compounds (foods on the right hand side of the chart). The release of these acids in large quantities can cause an inappropriate and often unhealthy amount of inflammation in the body. Also, when the natural state of the body becomes overloaded by the amount of acid in your system, it will attempt to return to balance by leaching calcium from the bones. Calcium is the foundation of your skeletal system so a highly acidic diet can lead to inflammatory disorders such as arthritis and also weak structural bone strength.

What is an alkaline diet?

An alkaline diet is one that promotes internal balance and health. By increasing the amount of green leafy vegetables and fruits and avoiding excessive meats and grains, you can maintain a better internal balance (left side of chart). Having a more alkaline diet will decrease inflammation and the risk of inflammatory diseases.

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