Functional Scoliosis Training

Scoliosis Education

You will receive education regarding your specific scoliosis explaining the structural and
functional implications and learn how to improve habits to slow progress of the scoliosis and
remove habits that are making it worse.

Individualized Scoliosis Exercises

Based on your specific case of scoliosis, you will receive coaching on various exercises aimed
at improving posture, creating balance in mobility & strength, and improving functional quality of
life. Exercises are progressive and many can be done at home with minimal equipment.

1 on 1 Supervision

All sessions are 1 on 1 and supervised by an exercise therapist to ensure exercises are being
done correctly and all your questions are answered. You will be supported during your sessions
for the entirety of the appointment.

Home Exercise Program

Many exercises can be done at home once they have been taught in the clinic first. The
exercises are progressive and will be prescribed based on the patient’s abilities and equipment
availability outside of the clinic setting.