Core Strength Training Program

At Backfit Clinic, we have a Core Strength Training Program that can build back strength for your spine.

Core Strength Training ProgramDo you need to strengthen your core?

*Please speak with a Backfit Doctor before engaging in strengthening exercises.

Your spinal health is built from the inside out.

That means, ensuring that you have healthy alignment of your joints, proper disc height to allow nerve function before building up the muscular strength necessary to support your spine.

Core Level 1

This will help you mold your spine into the correct posture and enhancing your spine’s receptivity to other Backfit therapies (alignment therapy and decompression therapy).

Core Level 2 & 3

Once your joints are healthier you will move to Core Level 2-3 where you will learn exercises to increase endurance and mobility within your joints.

Core Level 4-6

Finally, you will be taken through an individualized program, Core Level 4-6, designed by our exercise therapist to specifically work through your postural weaknesses.

Core Level 1

Core Level 1

Spinal molding

Core Level 2-3

Core Level 2-3

Building endurance and strength in postural muscles and spinal joints

Core Level 4-6

Core Level 4-6

Individualized core strengthening

*Effectiveness varies from patient to patient

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