Backfit Therapies

A Backfit assessment happens during two visits.

The first visit

Is a comprehensive exam and will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Your Doctor and spinal technician will complete a discussion regarding your symptom history as well as ask about any previous injury or surgery that could be relevant to your spinal health. This will be followed by a thorough neurological and orthopaedic examination of the spine to determine your spines functional capacity.

X-rays are a valuable tool in accurately assessing the structure and alignment of your spine, and may be recommended by your doctor.  If they are recommended then we will immediately take x-rays in our own x-ray facility. Following this appointment, the doctor will do an in-depth analysis of your neurological and orthopaedic test results and x-rays to determine your level of spinal health.

The second visit

Which will take approximately ½ hour to an hour, is your Backfit ‘Report of Findings.’ At this appointment, you and your doctor will discuss your clinical findings, he or she will explain exactly what your x-rays and test results mean, and let you know what Backfit can do to help you.  If you choose to move forward with treatment, you will proceed at your own pace and appointment frequency and with your own budget in mind. Based on your exam results your doctor will give you an honest opinion about whether he or she believes that our treatment style here at Backfit will be able to help you.

The $149 initial visit fee includes the complete spinal health exam (first and second visit) and x-rays (if recommended).

Getting started

Getting started is simple.  Give us a call, set up a time and meet with a Backfit doctor. We are good listeners and experienced clinicians. Learn what we can do to help you. You can click on the “PLAN A VISIT” button to learn more about your options.

Is Chiropractic care dangerous?

Research has shown time and time that Chiropractic care is not only safe but is also effective at relieving pain, correcting spinal misalignment and increasing the health of your nervous system.

Will treatment begin during the first visit?

Your spine is different from everyone else’s therefore your doctor wants to be as thorough as possible in determining what exactly is going on, before commencing treatment. Treatment will begin once you and your doctor have had a conversation about the course of treatment you are most comfortable with.

What time should I arrive?

We recommend that patients arrive at least 15 minutes early in order to complete initial intake paperwork.

Who will be treating me?

The Backfit team is comprised of experienced Chiropractic Doctors, Kinesiologists, and Exercise Therapists. We’d love for you to meet OUR TEAM.