Dr. Megan Yim

What motivates me:

Inspiring individuals to reach their health potential! Being healthy is a series of conscious choices and helping educate people on how to make these choices is what motivates me.

What I know about health:

Health does not happen overnight. I see so many people who are in pain looking for a quick fix. If you have been neglecting your health for years a magic pill is not going to make all that pain go away. Health is a combination of lifestyle habits, both regarding physical and mental/emotional health, that will see you reaching and maintaining optimal health.

I am grateful for:

My family who taught me the value of health. Friends who are there through thick and thin.

My goal:

Keeping Victoria healthy! My goal is to help as many individuals in the city to gain and maintain their spinal health and to reach their own health and fitness goals as I possibly can! Another is to still be competing in Racket sports till I’m in my 80s