Dr. Marissa Bentham

What motivates me:

Creating a healthier world for our children. By fostering healthy habits and empowering them with knowledge, we give our children the tools to realize their true health potential. (Video interview)

What I know about health:

Health is a journey that requires thoughtful choices and consistent, congruent action. I truly believe that we can only bring our best self to our families, friends, work and life when we are striving to be healthy.

I am grateful for:

I am grateful for the opportunity at Backfit to have meaningful connection with patients in their healing journey. We have an amazing team that comes to work every day with a common purpose of shifting the paradigm of spinal health. And we have a ton of fun doing it! I love sharing this experience with my husband and fostering a wellness lifestyle in our two fantastic kids.

My goal:

To be a joyful and authentic human being. To live with purpose and passion. To make a positive contribution to my family, friends and community.