Dr. Jeff Bartlett

What motivates me?

I want to make an IMPACT in my community! I want to help people! I want to innovate! I want to make a difference! In essence, these ‘wants’ fuel my passions. I love and appreciate my work at Backfit, because it allows me the ability to be a coach—doctor—scientist—entrepreneur. I can’t tell you why, but I have an insatiable drive to collect and synthesize better ways to treat the spine, as I find personal fulfillment in challenging the status quo.

What I know about health:

Health is the most important asset we can posses in our lives. The sad thing is, for the majority of us, we only seem to respect our health when it’s too late. As a society, community, family, we need to be proactive versus reactive when it comes to our health. We need to take responsibility for our health, and not blame it on our circumstances and government. Health is not something that is given to us, it has to be earned.

I am grateful for:

I love and appreciate my wife Tammy for always supporting me, pushing me, reminding me what’s most important in life. I love and appreciate my three beautiful children for teaching me what true love really means. I love and appreciate my team, as Backfit has been the ideal environment for me to work with like minded individuals, who are all on the same quest to create the most informed, educated and empowered patients in health care.

My personal goal:

I want to be the greatest husband and father in the world. To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person I meet. I want to learn from my mistakes. I want balance in my life. My optimistic goal: To treat Steve Nash. We both love soccer (Futbol). He just happens to be the best basketball player on earth, and I heard he has a back problem.