Dr. Greg Eisert

What motivates me?

I am passionate about accruing knowledge, teaching and traveling the world. I exist to empower patients with knowledge to help them realize their maximum health potential.

What I know about health:

Health is a state of anatomical, physiological and psychological integrity directly correlated with the function and health of the spine. Our ability to adapt and overcome any physical, biological, psychological or social stress is the result of a healthy nervous system.

Health is a gift from nature that must be maintained through hard work and discipline.

I am grateful for:

My beautiful wife Jennifer and our amazing family and friends.

The entire Backfit team who are dedicated to shifting the paradigm of spinal health and fitness.

The patients, who I am blessed to connect with, who teach and inspire me every single day.

My professional goal:

Empower the greater community of Victoria with knowledge of spinal health and fitness and support them to become the healthiest community in Canada.

My personal goal:

To be healthier a year from now than I am today.

Live a life of balance with my wife, family, friends and coworkers.