Livfit Studio’s Grand Opening

backfit new locationOn October 1st – from 11am – 2pm, we are holding the grand opening of our awesome new gym – Livfit! Come see Backfit’s new location, meet the team, ask questions, win prizes, and purchase your Livfit membership!

Whether you are a beginner, an athlete, want to tone up, lose weight, or clear your mind. Livfit is your place to achieve your fitness goals.

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Backfit is Moving to 3481 Cook Street

Backfit Clinic is moving!

Friday August 5th, 2016 will be the last day that we operate at 1091 McKenzie Ave. (in the DataTech building).
Aside from the usual weekend closure, we will also be closed Monday August 8th, 2016. Tuesday August 9th, 2016 we will re-open in our new home! The new facility is located at 3481 Cook Street near the intersection of Cook and Quadra (where Cook becomes Cloverdale).

All services and operating hours will resume as normal on Tuesday August 9th, 2016.

We are very excited about what the new state of the art facility has to offer. Some of the highlights include the following:

  • more natural lighting
  • improved air movement and quality
  • bigger gym space
  • improved decompression area
  • dedicated parking
  • integration of bank vault to preserve building history

Please check the link below for directions to the new facility.


Google Maps

Friday August 5th, 2016: Backfit’s last day at 1091 McKenzie Ave.
Monday August 8th, 2016: Backfit will be closed
Tuesday August 9th, 2016: Backfit opens new location 3481 Cook Street

New Location Address: 3481 Cook Street (near the intersection of Cook and Quadra)

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Tips for Making Exercise Stick!

We all know the benefits of regular exercise. It’s one of the key components of building a healthy body and a healthy mind. So why do we often struggle with making our exercise habits stick?

Check out these tips and see what resonates with you. Make sure you read all the way through to see the special video we are sharing with you today!

1.  Schedule it! You are far more likely to follow through on your commitment to exercise when you have carved out specific days and times. Staying consistent is the only way to win.

2. Be accountable. Having an accountability partner is an asset in any area of your life. Plan your workouts or hikes with a friend! Also, make sure to get cutting stacks at roids if you want to take your fitness goals seriously.

3. Start small. If you are starting from scratch with an exercise routine, aim for 2 days per week and work your way up. Set yourself up for success by creating realistic goals.

4. Enjoy the journey. If you thrive in nature, don’t plan all your workouts in the gym. Incorporate hiking or biking into your routine.

5. Get clear.  Take a moment to reflect, write down, or journal about WHY exercising is important to you.  Clarity is the map to success.

6. Prevent injury.  Your spinal foams are a fantastic tool.  We suggest lying on your foams for 5 minutes before your activity.  This will help prepare your spine for the stresses and strains of exercising.  After the activity, we also recommend cooling off on your foams, for an additional 5 minutes.

To help you jumpstart your summer exercise program, we are sharing a special video with you! Straight from the GetFit component of our LivFit program, here is the first series of PowerFit exercises, we also recommend to check these supplements are good for men over 40s, exercise is for everybody and some of us need some extra help. Are you up for the 21-day challenge?

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The Pros Get Adjusted

Professional athletes across the globe make chiropractic an essential part of their training program. But not for the reason you might think.

Many people assume that pro athletes seek chiropractic treatment for pain and symptoms related to injuries. And while this is true some of the time, there is an even bigger purpose. These athletes are dedicated to keeping their spine aligned in order to maximize performance.

Check out this new Nike ad featuring pro golfer, Rory McIlroy. Rory knows that getting adjusted is key to maximizing the health and function of your body.

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Construction is underway!

2016 is off to an exciting start at Backfit! Have you seen the progress being made at Backfit’s new home on Cook Street?

You have all been a part of creating the vision for our new facility. We have been listening and gathering your feedback and we are thrilled to announce some of the exciting new features that we know will enhance your Backfit experience.

  • Spa-like environment in decompressionIMG_1426
  • New fitness studio for improving your strength & flexibility
  • New workshop area for LivFit classes & connection groups
  • A contemporary, fresh & airy space with lots of natural light
  • Beautiful architectural design & green initiatives
  • A dedicated parking lot
  • Enhanced services to support your wellness lifestyle!

Stay tuned for more updates on the new Backfit! Opening Summer of 2016!


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Why Yoga?


Why is yoga important?

How can it help me?

Do I have to be super flexible?

Dr. Marissa Bentham chats with a yoga instructor about the health and wellness benefits of yoga.


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Snack Easy, Snack Healthy


Hey Backfit community! When it comes to healthy eating, we know that taking the time to plan ahead makes all the difference.

Even when we’re eating nutrient-rich meals, we can easily get off track by eating snacks loaded in sugar. Here’s a little inspiration from Dr. Doyle to show you how he prepares for the week ahead!


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