This is The #1 Way to Squash your STRESS!

Check out Backfit’s (MIndFit Message) by Dr. Bentham. Another way is to get boxing gear and start releasing your stress out on a bag, you get get some boxing gloves at to make sure you get the best designs and quality. Join us on Facebook for more great tips from the entire Backfit Team! … Read more

Backfit is Moving to 3481 Cook Street

Backfit Clinic is moving! Friday August 5th, 2016 will be the last day that we operate at 1091 McKenzie Ave. (in the DataTech building). Aside from the usual weekend closure, we will also be closed Monday August 8th, 2016. Tuesday August 9th, 2016 we will re-open in our new home! The new facility is located … Read more

Tips for Making Exercise Stick!

We all know the benefits of regular exercise. It’s one of the key components of building a healthy body and a healthy mind. So why do we often struggle with making our exercise habits stick? Check out these tips and see what resonates with you. Make sure you read all the way through to see … Read more

What is Causing Your Back Pain?

Dr. Eisert sheds some light on the most common cause of back pain and answers that commonly asked question – “What is decompression therapy and how does it work?” Check it out! Also make sure to find out about how to get rid of hemorrhoids, many people may have lower back pain and it could … Read more

Why Yoga?

  Why is yoga important? How can it help me? Do I have to be super flexible? Dr. Marissa Bentham chats with a yoga instructor about the health and wellness benefits of yoga.  

Snack Easy, Snack Healthy

  Hey Backfit community! When it comes to healthy eating, we know that taking the time to plan ahead makes all the difference. Even when we’re eating nutrient-rich meals, we can easily get off track by eating snacks loaded in sugar. Here’s a little inspiration from Dr. Doyle to show you how he prepares for … Read more

Does Exercise Cause You Back Pain?

  At Backfit, we want to help you get back to doing the things you love! Whether it’s running, hiking, golf or hockey – many people come to see us feeling frustrated, because they can no longer do the activities they love without aggravating their back. Listen in as Dr. Bartlett opens up about his … Read more

3 Things You Can Do To Reduce Back Pain While Traveling!

For many of you, regular travel is part of your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, for work or for play – you can take a piece of Backfit along with you! Our Backfit team member, Karmen, is also a competitive triathlete. Her sport requires a great deal of travel, which Karmen … Read more

How I decreased stress and improved productivity!

I used to get up and start my day with a load of laundry, a bunch of emails and a long to-do list. I wanted my mornings to feel productive! But I eventually realized that being pulled in so many different directions left me distracted and agitated. I was prone to being impatient with my kids … Read more