Become a Backfit Ambassador!

Backfit is looking for fun, creative, athletes, yogis, and coaches to help spread the word that healthy athletes make better athletes.

We believe that improving your spinal health will help you maximize your potential as an athlete. And we want to partner with you to help you achieve your dreams.

You already know that being an athlete means pursuing your next personal best one small improvement at a time. If you’re doing everything else right, improving your spinal health could be the missing piece.

You know that becoming your best means doing things differently. You’re ready to try a different approach.

We want to work with you to minimize your potential for injuries, and maximize
your recovery – so that you can train harder, and train smarter.

And we want to partner with you.  Apply today to become a Backfit Ambassador, and get access to a complete and comprehensive spinal fitness program, customized for you.

To apply, please send us a short email or video (under 5 minutes please) that
introduces us to who you are and why you’d make an amazing Backfit Ambassador. We are looking for ambassadors who are fun, creative, and not afraid to try
something new.

Please include the following:
Your Name
Your Sport, Experience, and Goals
Why You’d Make an Amazing Backfit Ambassador
Your Experience with Social Media
Your contact info