Meet Brick!


We’d love for you to meet Brick – one of our very satisfied Backfit patients. Brick’s story is a testament to the power of an educated patient. Brick came into Backfit just 8 weeks ago with a problem in his lower back that was causing him a great deal of pain and keeping him from the activities he loves.

Through our new BackScore system, we were able to clearly identify Brick’s problem areas and focus on solutions.

So… what exactly is BackScore?

Backscore is a comprehensive assessment that will provide you with the ultimate report card for your spinal health. We analyze your clinical findings in combination with lifestyle factors that also impact your spinal health. This gives you a complete picture and a way to actually measure your health!

In his BackScore report, Brick could clearly see where his problem was, and he was provided with the right tools to dramatically improve his score.

An improved BackScore means less pain, higher function and a better quality of life. Just ask Brick!

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