What Susan Has Taught Us…

If you have been a patient at Backfit, you have likely experienced Susan’s warm and vibrant energy. She loves connecting with patients during their decompression treatments and being a part of their healing journey…

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Susan came to Backfit 3 years ago from Northwest Indiana, where she owned a business specializing in communication and resiliency skills.  Susan has a passion for engaging, encouraging and empowering people to communicate more effectively.

Susan has been teaching in one form or another since she was 15 years old. From swimming lessons, to personal development workshops, to communication seminars, Susan loves making meaningful connections with people! Through her early teaching experiences, Susan was able to see that every person would filter information in a different way.

“I could explain a concept and some people would give me that ‘I got it’ look, while other people would have that ‘what are you talking about?’ question mark over their head.”    After years of working with people and experimenting with many different tools – in 2003, Susan discovered the KLLP Communication Analysis Tool.   Through the KLLP, Susan became an independent certified trainer with specialty training in teambuilding and coaching.

The KLLP is not a personality profile, but a communication analysis tool that allows people to understand communication styles in an easy and effective way. Susan thrives in seeing people discover their uniqueness and tap in to their potential.  When working with teams, Susan loves to watch people ‘come together in a way that works’. She has worked with many different types of groups, from small business and leadership teams, to couples and individuals.

Susan’s passion and enthusiasm have made a tremendous impact on the Backfit team!  She has helped us to better understand our individual communication styles so that we can work more effectively as a team.

You can see Susan in action at our upcoming Lifefit Event!

Up close and personal!

Susan and her husband Tom have 2 children. Ben is in his third year at UVIC and Abbi is finishing Grade 11 at Claremont High School.

What do you love most about Backfit?: The positive atmosphere, working with such an inspiring team, and getting to engage and encourage patients on their journey into health.“

Susan’s faves:  A good cup of Chai tea, personal growth and development,  ‘aha’ moments, sunshine,  good wine with friends, nature, a favourite book, her family and dogs, the color green, creating atmosphere, the OCEAN!

One of Susan’s goals this year:  To quit talking about kayaking and get out on the water and do it!







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