Introducing Beckett!

Jill Medeiros, our bright and energetic admin team leader, has a new addition to her family!  We wanted to introduce you to Jill’s beautiful baby boy and share a little about her life as a new mom.  Read on to find out what Jill treasures most about her children and how she continues to stay healthy and active…

What do you enjoy most about having a new baby?

“I’d say what I enjoy most about the new little guy is seeing our family grow and seeing all the little bits of Mike and I in Beckett. We’ve watched him grow from this tiny little munchkin to a 3 month old who smiles, laughs and watches in awe as his big sister and dog play all around him. I love his facial expressions too…its amazing to watch him develop and see his amazement as he discovers new things in his big new world!”

What creative ways do you keep yourself fit and active with young children?

“Our dog, Capone, needs a big walk daily and Hannah would be outside all day if she could, so we spend a lot of time outdoors!  We are either going on walks to the park, or around Thetis Lake, 5-6 days a week.  While the kiddies nap or are in bed for the night, I either go for a run, head to a hot yoga class, or do a workout at home with some weights or a P90X workout video. On days when I don’t get a chance to do this, I will do walking lunges at the park while I wear Beckett in the Baby Bjorn, and I utilize the playground by doing pushups and tricep dips on the benches and pull ups on the bars. That way I can still get a mini workout in while I watch the kids!”

What are the most important ways to give your child a healthy start in life?

backfitheadshots(14of51)“For me it is really important to nurse my babies… it develops an incredible closeness and bond with them. Getting them outside in the fresh air daily helps them get their Vitamin D and an appreciation for nature. I also want to know exactly what is going into their growing bodies, so I make all my own food for them. I buy all organic, local food when possible and make large batches and freeze them in ice cube trays. This makes for quick, convenient meal time prep!”

We miss seeing Jill’s smiling face every day… but we love seeing her family for their regular Backfit appointments!  Our admin ladies sure love their snuggles with Beckett!


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